We support businesses in the structuring of internal governance systems, processes and policies that address their concerns. Helping them implement legal institutional mechanisms that will enable business to scale up organically and run effectively and transparently for the long term 

Our Approach - Corporate Governance

We believe that anything we do is only as good as the impact it produces.  We therefore, persevere constantly to not merely structure internal governance policy systems for businesses but also to align core business teams to these practices to ensure long term sustainability

Who we work with

Like any of our other services, our clientele ranges from burgeoning enterprises to the smallest startups. One thing that to us is non negotiable though, is the aspiration to grow and the will to discard traditional dogmas if they don't suit your aspirations. Because, as it is, our researched and curated corporate governance processes throw up some pertinent and perhaps uncomfortable questions about clients' business models and their organisations that 'traditional' business people just can't seem to stomach. So, in a nutshell, the people who we work with are not distinguished so much by the size of their businesses but by the determination and urgency to grow and of course, by their ability to adapt and evolve in changing business environments.

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How we work

Getting Started - Scoping Process

Our engagement with any client starts with the Scoping process, the due diligence mechanism through which we identify the business machine's organisational weaknesses, what systems it has and what it needs, its Legal risk mitigation and Crisis management policies and strategies and various other matters.

Based on the Scoping process that we carry out, an Agenda covering the businesses specific corporate governance requirements, the advisory methodology and targets for the client are formulated. 

Interventions - Management

Strategic Interventions - Management

Our Senior Advisory Board convene with the concerned organisation's top management through periodic, recurring interactions based on the Agenda, providing counsel on the systemic requirements of the organisation and the scheme of implementation of the corporate governance mechanisms therein.

Interventions - Departments

Implementation Interventions - Departments

On a need basis and in coordination with the management, B & K Law Office's corporate governance implementation team will engage with various departments of the organisation with regard to the specific aspects of the implementation of the governance systems in the organisation.


Legal Risk Management

- Identifying potential Legal risk areas

- Evaluating gaps in contract documentation & client relations

- Devising strategies to mitigate litigation

People Strategy

- Evaluation of the Organisation Chart

- Fixing the employment strategy

- Standardizing Employment Policies 

- Documenting Third Party & Firm- Employee Relationships

Performance Management

- Evaluation of Offerings (Products/ Services)

- Fixing: Product delivery processes

- Product development/ Innovation

Road map for the organisation

Enterprise Risk Management

- Identifying and Quantifying Risks

- Risk - Opportunity Analysis

- Strategic Planning to Mitigate Risk

- Implementing Internal controls

- Periodic Review of Risk Environment

Financial Risk Management

- Identifying Sources of Financial Risk

- Managing Exposure to:

Credit Risk

Liquidity Risk

Market Risk etc.

Asset Management

- Evaluation-  Asset record management systems

- Quantify - Tangible| Intangible Assets

- Asset compliance, insurance strategies and policy formulation


Corporate Governance Advisory

Debt Reduction & Profitability 

Debt restructuring along with the charting of a systematic debt reduction road map leads to improved terms and lower rates of interest and the eventual unloading of debt. Financial management results in improved cost analysis and leads to better pricing for enhanced profitability.

Robust Team Structure

Team structuring plans that are aligned to the strategic goals of the company help mitigate losses due to duplication of work, lack of reporting controls, idle resources etc. and ensure better productivity

Delivery & Output

Implementation of the Corporate Performance management and the Financial management reporting allows for tracking of deliverables from various teams and facilitates efficient and informed decision making

Risk Mitigation

Periodic Review and assessment of the organisation's internal policies and strategies for asset management, employee management etc. and its relationships helps mitigate disaster due to negligence and omission